Veronica Dio is a terrorist (redux)

I spent time on the sister web site: "Veronica Dio is a Terrorist", http://uglyfilipino.blogspot.com

But you're not visiting it nearly enough.

FYI, it details her & her family's Abu Sayyaf terrorist links, as well as provides a more concise enumeration of her visual grossness. Basically, the cliff notes version of how Veronica is an ugly whore. You'd be remiss not to peruse it at least briefly.

And while you're there please do click through to the Office of Homeland Security link on the right. A few times. Thanks!


from cruel.com

Posted by Roger_That on 2006-01-29; 11:40:54 (message 239681; 1001 reads)

fuckyouwhore.blogspot.com uglyfilipino.blogspot.com

I think the funniest part of this is the fact that the guy rips on his ex girlfriend's appearance constantly. I mean really. Dude, you were fucking her. What does that say about you?
[Will comment: "It says" that she fucking followed me around the globe to give me head--but yes, at some point I needed a serious upgrade. Every prior g/f I've ever had was much, much hotter. Call it a 2-year lapse of reason.]

Also, there is free porn here, so I figured that would interest plenty of people. [Will comment: And more to come!]

Posted by Cates on 2006-01-29; 13:38:06 (message 239685; reply to 239681)

Something is troubling me. What's the shady mass hanging down from between Veronica's thighs? Misplaced tampon? Stray beef drape? Discreet colostomy bag? Or is it a rodent crawling up on the promise of some nibbles?

Posted by hannibal101 on 2006-01-29; 14:15:02 (message 239686; reply to 239685)
It's a Pussy Cat.

Posted by sharpshin on 2006-01-29; 14:40:56 (message 239688; reply to 239685)

It's the stuff that dreams are maid muff.

[Will comment: Actually no comment, I'm just laughing here.]


I have famous friends [or, "Join Veronica's Vadge Club !!"]


Big teeth, bad hair(line)

"Since you dumped me, I go to bars &, get this, EAT MEALS, every single day!"
Wow. Let me say that again--WOW.

My God, what a fucking troll.

p.s. padded-bra-that's-thicker-than-my-little-boy-titties alert

p.p.s. why'd you stop wearing that watch? could it be... because... of... THIS!
excuse me while I pause to laugh hysterically. hahahahahaha. hahahahahaha.


Mexican Crossing

Saw this sign coming up from Baja into San Diego a couple weeks ago but didn't get the shot, was laughing too hard to hold the camera. Thankfully, someone else has my racist sensibilities and posted it under "Mexican crossing".


Today's Sign of the Apocalypse

observed on my hit-tracker:
ucop051039.ucop.edu (University Of California Office Of The President)

24th January 2006
referring site: fuckyouwhore.blogspot.com/

careful, Mr. President, I wouldn't be looking at her snatch in the office, if I were you!!

this Craigslist response was pretty funny:


Cheap Watch (#2)

a whole lot of this going on these days...
too bad she can't really get off without my magic fingers
[Attn, VSD: this is your daughter, you must be so proud!]

V loves her friends [as a solitary tear trails down my unscarred cheek]

You don't look "106" anymore honey!
ALERT: NOT ME, NOT ME. This is Kristian sitting next to her.
In the words of astute Craigslist reader: "more on fire than a solar flare" Seriously, what a fucking faggot.

Really, and I'm not kidding, could you look any more dumpy? Are you carrying our baby? 2 knock-ups within six months would be pretty impressive for me, huh?

You need to start eating healthier, maybe exercise just a little. Take better care of yourself, ok? Your arms are as big as Mr. Poseur Chink's sitting next to you. I'm not sure though who that's more embarrassing for.

"I’m going visit his hometown this Christmas..." Is that right? Yeah too bad you can only get into Canada these days. That won't last long either.

Awww, love. You went all the way to Vancouver (not exactly Rio with Bojan, is it?) to go hiking and camping and give Kristian hand-jobs under the blankets. I bet you didn't have problems fisting his equipment. Seriously though, that letter is looking more and more pathetic day by day. I guess it really was to convince yourself. Because as everyone knows now, you didn't actually send it to me, now did you? How sad for you.

P.S. Love that tank, speed racer. Although, let me take that back--you know, there are no ugly clothes, just ugly people. So I guess we still have a problem.

P.P.S. In the uncropped version, check out the size of your head compared to everyone else. Do it, it's funny.

P.P.P.S. Still not smiling! Thanks for sparing us. Also, that's a really good strategy angling your face to (try to) conceal the scar. I guess it'll be profiles for the rest of your life. Do you talk to guys like that too, face slanted to the right? How about when you give head? Don't be bummed, it's not like you were pretty to begin with. Now you won't even bother wasting your time trying to work guys who look like me--you have NO chance. You can be more efficient, go after the Rob's, Tucker's, and Dave's of the world. Just like I told you last summer, when you called literally crying from New York about how no one ever asked you out--not even once. Go ahead and tell people you made that up--but it's me here.


More Free Porn !!!!!

ANOTHER secret Veronica Dio porn link on this site!!!!!
see if you can find it

despite Friendster, Veronica's kind help, and general word of mouth in the blogosphere, the hit rate still isn't satisfactory yet, but we'll get there, even if i have to dig deep into the archives



On the suggestion of some readers, I've created an off-site email address where we can discuss my situation in greater depth and coordinate efforts, should anyone be interested in helping out.

The "she is fucking ugly/fucking loser" rants aside, I think everyone of reasonable sensibilities understands what is at stake here; while I would like to secure my own welfare, granted, this is also about something much larger than that.

I've come to see this, which is why after cowering for over a year and a half, I'm stepping out, probably to my great personal risk. No judgments though--drop me an email if you're interested or remain anonymous if not.


The Word is Spreading

I was wondering where all these fucking Swedish hits were coming from:

the online auto translators aren't working too well, but I did recognize a pertinent turn of phrase: "wretched girl".

i guess beauty (lack thereof) is truth after all.

Mendel was definitely on to something (or, "Meet the Dio's")

Vera Nina Dio, Veronica's sister (?) (I think it's female)

gross nose, check. little boy body, check. high & receding hairline, check. bad teeth, check. whore, oh yeah, check.
and, of course, loser--check!


Current Threat Level: Elevated

Be my guest everyone, she and her family are money launderers for Abu Sayyaf (Al Quaeda-duh) using a front organization called "Pacific Ace" operating out of Hong Kong; Subic Bay, Philppines; Cayman Islands; Orlando/Miami, Florida

Their US mailing address:
Pacific Ace, c/o Virginia & Rogelio Dio
9291 Point Cypress Drive
Orlando, FL 32836

If you would like to follow-up on my own contact with the San Francisco US Citizenship and Immigration Services office (adjunct to the Department of Homeland Security), you can submit the following information to reference my assigned agent and appropriate report:

USCIS San Francisco District Office
Re: Veronica Santos Dio
Social Security # 022-**-9517
630 Sansome Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Or if you'd rather, the Anonymous DHS hotline: 1-866-DHS-2-ICE

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

106 is still a whole lotta woman (or "Frodo")

leave it to V to be "106" yet still manage to have a fucking gross bod. nice legs, honey. so svelte & defined.

i just didn't know until now how good i had it.
how rare it must be to fuck a troll in this day & age.

is that a cargo skirt avec black turtleneck ensemble?
puts my yellow-stripe outfit TO SHAME!

back to work for me, and back to your shitty fucking life for you
come visit tomorrow everyone, more free porn!!!!

*Comforter on which I fucked these chicks, all most some to her knowledge.
She looks pretty content to me!
[Rx Postcript: Again, non-jet lag induced vileness]

Free Porn !!!!!

why wait? I'll give you a free taster

secret porn link on this site!!!!!
see if you can find it

as Veronica rightly commented, I'm downright desperate for hits


Welcome All !

To those referred here from Craigslist, et al., welcome! This is an inclusive community we have established for psycho ex-'s and their homeless, jobless, b/f- / g/f -less, visa-status-less, ugly cohorts. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, to make my $200K, I don't have time just today to respond point by point to her brilliantly-penned-desperate-plea-to-re-enter-my-good-graces (I definitely saw it, but it's very subtly constructed), but I did want to do my best to provide additional forums for continued free expression.

She is really much too modest and reclusive for someone of her clear rhetorical talents. Losing herself in masturbatory fantasies (video coming Saturday!), chain-smoking, and finding bliss via the sublime conduit of spam over steaming ramen, is indeed quite a life, but I've always felt she has the potential for so much more. Let not this rose fade into twilight--encourage the blossoming of her continued honest, heartfelt expression by pleading for more of the same. If you would like to contact Veronica directly, please use one of the following:


Alternatively, while it is true, and troubling, that I indeed lack her current phone number, you may directly contact one of her three most cherished friends, who I'm sure would be more than amenable to patch you through. If you encounter any trouble, post a request, and I'll put up her complete address book.

Elena Cruz, 415.305.5854
Kathy Agaton, 646.734.0996

Coming Saturday: Veronica-related porn, and, as an added bonus for our dedicated readers, her Social Security and driver's license numbers, bank accounts, mailing addresses, and my contact at the Department of Homeland Security, should you, as I, be concerned with respect to her Abu Sayyaf links in the separatist province of Mindanao. I'll cover Interpol. She is such an extraordinary person, but she, as we all, has flaws unfortunately, one of them an indefatigable religious zealotry--subsequent to the threats & abuse I was subjected to, I personally would not be comfortable with her presence in any Western or Western-aligned nation.

So while it truly saddens me, cursed we will be to forever view this rose from afar. Fight on, Veronica, your fortitude inspires me. Do not go gentle into that good night.
(Or you can abide my very reasonable request, and I'll take it down--up to you.)


Dear Mom: Send Propecia Please!

By popular demand, more fun at V's expense.
No tricks, see for yourself photographic evidence of rapid onset female pattern baldness:

12 February 2004*

4 September 2005
[Rx Postscript: Gentlemen, would you ever hit this, except maybe on a dare? Yes, I am appropriately shamed. No "8 hour red-eye flight" excuse for this shot, my dear. You're just ugly. And balding. And filipino. And 5'0" tall. And unemployed for over 2 years. And with $0.00 savings. And 29-years-old with no advanced degree, no career. And with no immigration status in any Western country in the world. And need I say it, no boyfriend. No clever put-downs required, there's just no comeback to this. You, are a fucking loser.]

[Rx Postscript #2: Maybe I spoke too soon. Let's take an informal inventory of what you do have going for you. You have 9 11 friends: Kathy, Diane, Will, Elena, Paki, Rob, Maloy, Elizabeth, Kevin, Naomi, Alison. 7/11 are cipher chinese, filipino or indian, 1 neandertal, 3 token white females whom you latched onto after they had the grievous misfortune of crossing paths with you. Wow, you're very popular, I had no idea. 6/11 are unemployed or would be better off were they so and on the welfare rolls. That's impressive too. I can't match that level of utter failure and incompetence in my friends. 7/11 in North America. The deportation thing must have hurt. But you always have IM. You are very adept at managing multiple marathon IM sessions simulateously with salon.com, slate, and anonymous proxies, while you look like a mental patient on the VAIO with the broken hinge that you stole from your Mom that requires you to view the screen parallel to the ground. In Hong Kong, you have 2 of these friends, an ugly socially awkward marginally employed poseur CBC, and, an ugly socially awkward marginally employed poseur CBC. Apart from your Mom, your Dad, and all your sisters and cousins, NO ONE in your family hates your guts. After 4 years and $20,000, you really know your way around a pilates mat. You've gained admission to a second-(third-?) tier British school, where you won't need to be even a little bit self-conscious about your man-sized, smoke-stained, overbite-from-hell dentition. Let's run down the likely matriculation list: Oxford-no; Cambridge-no way; Imperial-no; LSE-LOL; Bath-no; University College-no; York-no; Warwick-no; Bristol-no; Durham-uh no; St. Andrews-please; Nottingham-no; Edinburgh-no; Birmingham-no; Newcastle-no...anyway, I've made my point, outside the top 10 in the UK you might as well take a fucking correspondence course, it's roughly an equivalent degree. But you've got that going for you--you'll get your Social-Work-cum-Spanish (but of course)-cum-International-Labor piece of toilet paper MA to go with your Tufts-Spanish-cum-International-Studies piece of toilet paper BA by age 30 after $40K + expenses + lost wages. Yay for V! The future is so encouraging, you'll have countless opportunities laid out before you. Let's see, what else? You can't be any more broke than you are right now. You can't be any more desperate to get laid (or even just a half-hearted compliment would be nice, wouldn't it, honey?), by anyone, than right now--well, after your period this weekend, that is. Those are positives, I think, your ill fortune might finally be bottoming out. You can always, AT ANY TIME, go back to the Philippines. That's awesome, Makati City is a wondrous place. About 50 people from Craiglists ACROSS THE COUNTRY think you can write a kick-ass piece of psycho bitch narrative after working on it for 2 months--how exciting for you. Will & Elena WILL ALWAYS pick you up from the airport--which would be great if you could ever re-enter the US. But it's still an ace in your back pocket for when the Patriot Act is lifted. Nalin, Rob, Matt, and David will fuck you ANY TIME you want--probably. And they're all REALLY attractive men (LOL), much better matches for you in this respect than I was. Kristian would fuck you as long as he can get over his insecurity about following my Magnum with his 5" into Veronica's [walk-in] closet". Hell, he fucked that whore Elena, didn't he? Maybe you should take a road trip to Shanghai if you haven't already, Rob's not that gross when you mentally shade him about 10 tones and blissfully ignore the 'missing link' facial homomorphies. Let's just call him Seth from now on. Hey a girl's gotta eat. And he has a Ben Sherman jacket--time out, I'm getting hard. You are charmingly unaware that red jeans, irrespective of the designer, are not timeless fashion but epistemologically hideous--so cute and refreshing! You operate under a self-delusion that you need a bra for your A-minus-minus--very endearing in an ingenue sort of way. You know how to cook something, you must--I personally just don't know what. You can recite Johnny Depp's bio by heart--perhaps more impressive than your distinguished dialectics in the arts and letters (you know, your Blog, read far & wide by your 9 11 friends). You can make your way through the poseur's official handbook The New Yorker like nobody's business. When people talk to you in person, your pathetically juvenile voice and discourse is luckily glossed over in the more immediate visual bemusement of confronting a true midget, one who thinks she has street cred because she knows a Fat Joe track and says "SA" from time to time. You are accomplished at all sorts of sporting endeavors--sorry that's Caspar, your phantom "new boyfriend". But you've been known to walk briskly on occasion. Your hairline might come back (oookkk). The scar might fade more over time. As long as you're facing away, you generally give good head. And you seem to enjoy it. Screw the UK, I think I may know just the profession for you--and it wouldn't even be a stretch given your family history (see your sister Nina) and obvious ethnic proclivities. See, I said something nice here. Who says you're a loser? You've got a lot to live for Veronica. And you have at least 10 years before you get cancer! Godspeed.]

*Disconcerting Flashback #1: If I recall, this picture was taken right before she related a charming story about putting out for a happening African-American store clerk in NY, so she could get a free meal & drinks. Did you happen to catch the name of this blog? Veronica puts the "E" in E-Z. Throw her a token compliment, buy her a drink, and by the end of the night yes, you too can be doing the dirtiest things to her at your virtual wont, maybe even get peed on if you are among the few endowed with "magic fingers".

Disconcerting Flashback #2: Letting the black guy bone her for a cranberry vodka is itself reminiscent of the first time we had sex--the conditions of which always distress me in retrospect as a character-revealer that I chose to outright disregard at the time, lost in the "freaky-sex" novelty of the moment. After hanging out most of the day watching paint dry, sorry, David Lynch films (a common ploy of the aspiring vapid nouveau chic that I also definitely flagged, but again, disregarded in the visual and sensory bedlam of receiving acrobatic head at 5 am) and forcing me to endure what I now know to be her de rigeur "massage strategy" to getting laid, exasperated that I just wasn't that into it after kneading her sweaty chubby thighs, back, neck, and ARMS for 40 minutes, she exclaimed "Are we gonna fuck or what?" Classy. So very classy. Try it on someone ugly & desperate, I am certain you'll find better success.

Just Say No

stop the insanity already. it ends here. this is such a waste of time. you're all fucking L-O-S-E-R-S. but since you were apparently interested yesterday--why rely on the Google cache? that shit isn't current! you only need ask. allow me--I'll re-post them for ya.

dio, why are you still in Hong Kong anyway? head to Thailand already and convince yourself you won't obsess for the rest of your life. your routine is so predictable, tired & pathetic.

hey, for kicks you should pull up the now deposited check (#108) online. do you realize your whole body was shaking as you wrote it? that's what's called a total breakdown. one of the saddest scenes i've ever witnessed, and you've had plenty. [ok, actually the one where you were like "please, please hit me. i want you to punch me in the face. i really think there's something wrong with me..."--that actually topped this, but it's pretty close. actually no, the one where you begged me at my apartment door to have you arrested for violating my restraining order. well...maybe not, how about when you browbeat me for hours on the phone from NY this summer after you'd struck out there for months. "i'll do anything you want, anything. i'll totally give up my loser friends, i'll agree with whatever you say. i love you so much, i'm obsessed with you. and i'm so much better than [current girlfriend]. please, please...no?? ok, then i'm gonna threaten you into fucking me." anyway, i digress]

and then your tearful pleas for your fucking picture? "ok, ok, you can have it--please, please don't kill yourself... can you get the fuck of here now?" LOL p.s. btw honey, don't think for a second that I forgot about the oldman betrayal. dude, that would totally fucking suck if you encountered immigration troubles down in LatAm on your walk down memory lane! not like i would know anything about why that would happen, were that to occur, hypothetically speaking. "no way, i gotta go home?!! where's my fucking party?!"

Vote for Santos!

hey dio, what's your middle name again?

Philippines Nabs Suspected Chief Of Terrorist Group
By James Hookway 408 words 27 October 2005 The Wall Street Journal A18English(Copyright (c) 2005, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)

Philippine security forces dealt a blow to a dangerous terrorist alliance, capturing the suspected leader of a group of militant Muslim converts that is linked to the Abu Sayyaf terrorist organization.

Hilarion del Rosario Santos III, a former Christian who converted to Islam and allegedly led a radical group known as the Rajah Solaiman Movement, was arrested with his wife and five other suspected militants by Philippine military intelligence officers early yesterday at a hideout in Zamboanga City on the southern island of Mindanao.

Mr. Santos's group has been linked by Philippine police to a series of terror attacks in the Philippines, including the bombing of a ferry in Manila Bay last year that killed 116 people.

Philippine intelligence officials say Mr. Santos and other Muslim converts from the Manila area had been playing an important role in Abu Sayyaf's efforts to evolve beyond its roots as an kidnap-for-ransom gang and become a full-fledged terrorist group.

Abu Sayyaf also has been forging closer ties to Southeast Asia's Jemaah Islamiyah, a Muslim militant network with historical links to al Qaeda.The Indonesia-centered radical group has dispatched bomb-making experts to the Philippines to help train Abu Sayyaf recruits, intelligence officials say.

So far, however, it has been Abu Sayyaf's alliance with the less well-known Rajah Solaiman Movement that has proved more effective.

With an intimate knowledge of potential terrorist targets in Manila, followers of Mr. Santos find it easier to blend into the crowd than members of Abu Sayyaf, whose familiarity with urban areas is limited to the towns of the southern Philippines, security officials say...


FYI: You're really not that clever (or good) [or, "Taunting, Your Honor!"]

280703, : BKK (w, +); M (wo, ++!); A (wo, +);
M (w, +); G (wo, -); G (wo, +) ; Melanie "Buttercup" (w, -)
151004, : G (wo, +); Holly (w, 0).
120305, : Leila (w, 0).
290405, : K (wo, -); Cindy (w, 0).
171005, : K(wo, 0); Julie (w, 0); Lara (w, 0); G (wo, +) ; Melissa2 (w, 0) ; Sarita (wo, +) ; Angela (wo, ++)
++, 1 2
+, 5 6 7
0, 5 7
-, 2 3
D>x, 15.4% 13.3% 17.6% 16.7% 15.8%

[Rx Postscript: Yeah sure, honey, nice try. Who would fuck you?! Please. But thanks for the reminder, I should definitely wash my comforter--holy shit! And why don't you just cut the posturing dude, it's me here--we both know you happily slept in other chicks' cum, including G's like 2 weeks after I cheated on you with her. It's OK to admit you are obsessed, we're all friends here. Who are you fronting for with this fucking BS, seriously?]


Daily Remembrance

every morning in the mirror. don't forget, honey. hope there aren't any new marks. you're right, I should've just finished the job.


Freaky Sex Show

how the fuck did this thing start? well let me tell you. a word to the wise, my brothers, beware the "freaky sex" siren call. you know what i'm talking about. there's something freaky about imagining sex with a 5-foot, 100-lb chick, especially when you're like 6'2", 220. and sure, maybe it is freaky and seemingly hot and everything, at least in the beginning. but then it's just plain sick. and overrated.

and i suspect that is the sentiment of most (insert the 'non-loser, reasonably attractive' qualifier) guys and handful of girls who've fucked her. she can let out this sensual, confident vibe that you'd swear she must be skilled in the sack. you'd be wrong. she isn't. she didn't know how to get herself off, much less me. it took 2 years to get her up to snuff. sure there are times when you catch a visual of her body akimbo to yours in the bedroom mirror, or glance down the bed and think to yourself, "wow, that's a really small chick doing her thing down there", but that only goes so far. at the end of the day, you're having sex with a little girl with breasts that would barely fill a shot glass and about as much hip action as my 5-yo niece after happy meal binge. i'm just not cut out to be a pedophile long-term. i think it was a phase.

it's like having a gimp for your base sexual fantasies, except you can't keep this gimp locked up, much as i tried. no, she wants to go out. great. so you have to wine and dine the gimp and be seen in public where you look like a loser sick bastard no matter how much make-up she foppishly slathers on her congenitally horrific skin.

and then there's the urinating routine--let me tell you what a fucking chore that is. on top of this requisite grossness a considerate lover must i suppose endure, one time when i was browbeating her for her latest whoring, she tells me she would "fake pee" from time to time. you know what Dio, if you're not getting off on a certain occasion, there's no need to soil my excellent lumbar-supportive mattress for effect. you can just say so. fuck, i didn't get off for the first full year, and you didn't see me gyrating wildly while uncoiling shits on your ultra-suede.

and i never even liked her. not even remotely. i thought she was an asshole from day 1. i would say she's pretentious, but that wouldn't really be accurate because to be pretentious you need to to have some modest superiority in something, real or imagined but at least able to be projected externally. she can't deliver the goods--by virtue of sub-par looks, class, education, race, intellect, charisma/wit. instead she's reduced to critiquing guys at trance clubs who wear undershirts, "why are you wearing 2 shirts?" and then running away snickering. a 29-yo. beyond pathetic.

maybe i just miss my A.



so i ask you, who's hotter, this blonde girl with a D-cup (see below) & overall kick-ass bod... Posted by Picasa



"I produced Thrill Zone: SOS Extreme Powerboats"*

...or pig-nosed chick with really bad eyebrows?

(think Norma Desmond on acid. these are not natural, i don't care what you say Dio. either way they are just too fucked up not to be fixed. self-awareness is a wonderful thing, Ms Cruz. everyone, all together now, "eyebrow arch"!) ?

not to mention, she bears the filipino national standard of no ass, pre-pubescent chest (see below, with a deferential nod to Dio, the Round 1 loser, on this attribute). i especially like the quasi-pubic hairline (only marginally better than Dio who's hairline is receding faster than the Bay of Fundy--see further on down).

i'll leave it to the masses though, as was the agreement. i've clearly logged my vote.

[btw, she got dumped by the loser oriental dude Will Young to her right. stop squinting, chinaman! btw2: S.A.G.E. is not gonna get published--Diane & Dio think you're a fucking idiot. move on already. *Correction, Production assistant, industry lingo for sweeping the cutting room floor and giving head during breaks. She is filipino, remember. That's a synonym for "low-class midget whore" in most of the world's languages.]

Let's take a closer look, shall we? "Back, and to the left. Back--and to the left."

''I am big. It's the pictures that got small.''

separated at birth?

For the record, this is not kiddie-porn, just really embarrassing non-cleavage on the 29-yo above, Ms. Elena Cruz.

Also Not (Round 1 loser)

"Boy or girl? I can be either, master, as neither am I.
Fear not my overbite, safe it is when slow I blow."
[Rx Postscript: Non-jet lag induced vileness]


Wish I'd said it

Alberto Gonzales?! That's spanish for Souter! No way.

great, great caricatured comment of concerned conservatives on the discussion (prior to Roberts & Miers) about who would be chosen to fill the first Court vacancy. apparently Souter's been the right's absolute anathema since he was appointed by Bush Uno in 1990.